Custom - Thunderbird Prone Foil Board
Custom - Thunderbird Prone Foil Board
Custom - Thunderbird Prone Foil Board
Custom - Thunderbird Prone Foil Board
Custom - Thunderbird Prone Foil Board
Custom - Thunderbird Prone Foil Board
Custom - Thunderbird Prone Foil Board
Custom - Thunderbird Prone Foil Board
Custom - Thunderbird Prone Foil Board

Custom - Thunderbird Prone Foil Board

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The Thunderbird is the all-rounder in our range and has been specifically designed for the foil surfer who wants one board to do it all. Looking more like a traditional foil-board, the Thunderbird has a rounded nose and rounder overall outline, compared to the Rocket model, which looks more like a fish surfboard.

Not all foil-boards are created equal. A lot of thought needs to go into the design as they have different requirements than surfboards. All the boards in our range have been designed and tested by long time foilers. We have taken the best features from the other foil-boards we liked and put them all into this board. What you can expect is one of the best all-around stable, yet high-performance foil-boards on the market.

Design: The Thunderbird was designed with ease of foiling in mind. Starting with the outline, the template is a soft, gradually rounded design, the round nose helps prevent nose-diving on steep takeoffs, or catching noses and edges on touchdown. Less surface area upfront means less swing weight, and less counterbalancing needs to take place. This gives a feeling of "less board" under your feet. We have also added a scooped deck, so you can truly "feel nothing but foil" under your feet, but still kept enough volume in the tail and rails to enable you to catch the smallest of ripples for prone take-offs.

The Tail: The tail shape is a softly rounded squash, with the extra surface area providing more stability than a diamond or round-tail. The tail edges flow nicely from a gentle bottom curve, creating a nice soft bevel rail effect for a less "sticky" feeling and easy water release. The continuous rocker curve runs smoothly from nose to tail.

The Bottom: Lots of prone foil-boards on the market now have a 100% flat-bottom curve. Flat bottoms suck to the water and affect the take-off and touch down in a negative way, creating a sticky feeling that doesn't want to release. The Thunderbird has a deep single concave from rail to rail starting right up under the nose, all the way to the mast. This allows quicker paddling due to the ease of water flow and provides more lift for take-off, or when the board hits the water surface mid glide.

The Rails: The rails are 50/50 beveled, this allows unrestricted water flow into the tail, providing the release effect while creating a more stable and smoother transition when the board hits the water.

The Deck: The deck has a gentle 10mm rail to rail scooped concave to lower the rider's center of gravity. This provides the effect of "less board" under the feet while maintaining enough volume for easily catching waves. The tail and deck grip means no wax and no slipping, ever.

Construction: Fused EPS core laminated with epoxy resin and double biaxial carbon-fibre, post thermal cured. The twin-track is double re-enforced to prevent cracking or ripping out on impact with sandbars etc. All the G-forces get focused on the twin-track and the nature of the twin-track is to rip out of the board. We insert both high-density foam and double hardwood stringers running up towards the centre of the board to share and disperse this immense load. Perfect for tow foiling. With the ultimate strength, durability, and performance in mind, our construction is Rock solid…


Construction Options:

1) EPS/Carbon Original Construction: EPS core, epoxy resin over double 200g biaxial carbon-fiber.

2) Cloud Tech: EPS/Carbon bottom with hi-quality soft top EVA wrap for extra-grip and safety.


Available Sizes

4’6 x 21 ½ x 2 ½ x 34 L
5’0 x 21 ½ x 2 ½ x 38 L
5’4 x 21 ½ x 2 ½ x 41 L

Foil Board Guide

Prone 4’0 & 4’6 is for advanced foilers, or person weighing 60 - 75kg Prone

4’6 to 5’4 is for intermediate foilers, or person weighing 75 - 90kg

Tow: We recommend the 4’0 - 4’6


Differences from Rocket to Thunderbird:

The Rocket is designed for more advanced riders, Thunderbird for more all-around riders.

Can an advanced foiler ride a smaller Thunderbird and match the high performance of any other board in the market? Yes 100%.

Can a beginner/intermediate foiler ride a mid-size Rocket and manage the design while starting the prone foil board journey? Yes 100%.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask so we get the right boards for the right conditions under your feet.


Package Includes

  • Board
  • Deck Grip Attached
  • Mounting Hardware Sold Separately