Vortex Front Wing

$USD 1,195.00


The Vortex 150 is our new ultra hi-performance foil. It is a smaller and more maneuverable foil than its bigger brother the 175. The reason being the aspect ratio on the 150 is higher, the chord shorter and lower drag from less surface area. Designed for a balance of speed, turning, and lift, without breaching.

Ultra hi-performance and fun, the Vortex 150 has great stability and a locked-in feel due to the double bottom concave on the wing. The 150 wing is preferred by our team riders and the pro guys who like to carve and ride the wave with hi-performance in mind. 

Because the Vortex 150 is smaller and has less surface area than the 175 model, it is designed to be ridden like a shortboard. With the added speed you need less wing and less thickness in the leading edge keeps you locked in and means less chance of your foil breaching.

The Vortex 150 is perfect for tow foiling and bigger surf for heavier riders up to 100kgs. With the added speed and less thickness in the leading edge, it keeps you locked in and means less chance of your foil breaching at high speeds.

You can unlock the tail with a chopped (smaller) 12¨ tail wing option, adding to the speed and free flow riding style. For a softer, less locked in ride choose the down-sweep tail “the Carve 16” which also makes pumping easier. The rudder tail "Flareseries” 14 is the recommended tail wing for beginners or kiters.

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