Race Tail Wing - 18 Inch

$USD 250.00

94 in stock

The Race 18″ designed for hi-speed foiling, pumping and downwind riding. The “Race 18” rear stabilizer wing is the ultimate fine-tuned wing for riders demanding extra speed, and especially good for flatwater pump action.

When ready to keep the speed and add some maneuverability chop down to 14 “ This allows you to put the Hyper on-edge.

The "race 18" stabilizer provides excellent raw stability. Popular model with our team riders who love to chop and experiment with smaller sizes.

For a softer, less locked-in ride choose the down-sweep tail “the Carve 16” which also makes pumping easier.

Beginners recommended to use the Carve 16 for hyper and Flare 14 for vortex.

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